Sunday, December 13, 2009

Reflections on Rumi Poems

Dear Heart, where do you find

the courage to seek the Beloved

when you know He has annihilated

so many like you before?

I do not care, said my heart,

my only wish is to become

one with the Beloved

When I first read this I am struck by the questions it raises for me. What or who is the Beloved for me and what is my heart? The first insight that hits me is the notion of heart and Beloved being one and the idea of not caring how this comes about. As I think about it some more the Beloved for me could be attaining peace with the world and being totally comfortable with who and where I am. The heart is my compassionate self that is in some way separate from my thinking me. Now I notice the word annihilated and wonder at the thought that so many have sought enlightenment and failed. So I could be asking why my heart seeks this solace when my thinking self sees the likelihood of failure. I like the response of my heart and wish I could learn how he does this. As I write this I feel like I am in a riddle of the selves. I want to let my heart become one with the Beloved but always tussle with my thoughts asking how and throwing his obstacles in my way. It occurs to me that so many are annihilated by themselves. Although paradoxical the view of the Beloved as a state of self allows this tautology or conundrum as we both allow the conditions for success but are also the main obstacle. It now rests with me that becoming one with the Beloved is about allowing myself to be. Don’t question, challenge or rate the odds just allow myself to be and follow where my wish takes me.

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  1. I love the idea of being at ease with yourself.

    "If you knew yourself just for one moment,
    If you could just glimpse your most beautiful face,
    Maybe you wouldn't slumber so deeply
    In that house of clay"

    That which you are looking for, is looking for you.