Monday, January 25, 2010

Conquering Anxiety

Everyone suffers from anxiety at some time. Human minds are designed to judge differences and changes but are limited by the interpretation of the information their senses provid to them. This creates uncertainty which we attempt to overcome by filling in what we do not know with assumptions. Anxiety arises from the difference between what is and what we would like it to be. One way of conquering anxiety is to look more deeply at each of these perspectives. Look at 'what is' first and question if there are some equally true realities that are more useful for you. There usually are. What your mind chooses to tell you 'is' may not be the best for you. Test it. Then look at 'what you would like it to be' and question if that is what you really want. Is there something else that is equally acceptable to you? There often will be. In every moment there is great potential for alignement of 'what is' with 'what we want'. When you do not see it take another look and keep looking until you see what is right for you.

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