Friday, January 29, 2010

CIO, Businessman and Coach - Overcome The Language Paradox

In the business community Businessmen, CIO's and Coaches can often suffer from the 'language paradox'. This can be stated something like 'if you listen to my language I can transform your world but if I speak my language you will not listen to me.' The businessman knows that if the vision is clear, backed up by a robust strategy, activity focussed on top line growth with well managed costs and correctly followed processes then performance is assured and success lies ahead. He is never really sure which link in this chain is not working when he is not where he expects to be but knows if he presses hard on each link the flow will be towards success in the end. When it doesn't happen for him again he moves on to a new place and tries all the same links all over again.
The Coach knows that performance of human beings is driven by the states of inner conflicts, self esteem, the different types of intelligence and psychological make up, existential anxiety, boundaries, resistance, needs and wants. She knows that each of these links in the human performance chain are impacted when the businessman presses on his performance links. Help the human links and personal and business performance improves. Harm them and failure follows fast.
This is the language paradox at play for coaches in the business world. There is a similar interplay for many CIO's between the languages of business and IT. It is played out every day all over the world with fantastic energy, conviction and belief. There is a wonderful clip of Eric Schmidt (CEO Google) giving the best advice he ever got on CNN Money . In it he speaks forcefully about the benefits available when he overcame the language paradox. He made it to CEO and then discovered there was yet another level of performance available to him if he could open his mind to the possibility.
To the CIO and Coach spend more time understanding the language of the businessman and how the language and links in your chain impact the links in his chain. To the businessman look inside and see how you are motivated and inspired as a human being and notice the different language needed to describe it. When Coach, CIO and businessman converse be open to the idea that if you can overcome the language paradox you will transform both yourself and your business.

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